Insights from Narratives

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Insights from Narratives

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Insights from Narratives
The ‘Turn the Screw’ Henry James is a novella with its original content written in a choreographed language. It is difficult for one to do interpretations without a deeper interest in the text written and many have tried to know what the text means and the original intention of the author in passing his message to scholars. There is an evil twinge and twist in the story line, but there exists a brilliant idea for one who understands the novella. An anonymous narrator reads a script to Douglas, a trusted friend though he is no longer alive. The script and storyline is about the man hired by the governess after assuming the responsibility of the young nephew and niece after their parents died. He does not take an active role in raising he children as he sees them as a nuisance. The ghosts in the narration are a special classification with a control of the living and are in touch with those they believe are good and pure in hearts, the children who are their parents.
The ghost world controls the living in an indirect way and those in touch with it feel the strength that it carries. There are direct influences in the human spirits and the dead. The plan and role of the human condition and psyche to do evil is uncontrolled by another greater strength in the human body. Sometimes people learn of bad and evil things that people they trusted and held with a high regard after their demise and sometimes confused on the type…

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