Input Output Devices in Aviation

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Input Output Devices in Aviation

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Controller-pilot Data Link Communications, CPDLC
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Controller-pilot Data Link Communications, CPDLC
With increased urgency by both the Federal Aviation Administration and Eurocontrol to create a safer and more efficient airspace across Europe, the deployment of Controller-Pilot data link Communications service is the best remedy ever.
Over the years, the most commonly proven and frequently applied the mode of communication between the pilot, and the air traffic controller has been through the use of a voice radio. The voice radio uses either VHF bands for short distance communication of HF bands for long distance communication. Although this has been successfully practiced in the aviation industry across the major airlines in the world; it has always come with certain limitations.
This is the basis upon which this study is based. The failures of the conventional way of voice exchange pose a threat to the aviation industry and in order to make our airspace more safe and efficient, new ways are needed to address this challenge. This study seeks to recommend the use of controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC).To get more acquaintance with this mode of voice exchange and how it functions; I have decided to employ a field study at the Eurocontrol headquarters and to talk to the head d of airspace control unit (Morrow, Lee and Rodvold, 1993).
The major limitation associated w…

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