Inorganic chemistry

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Inorganic chemistry

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Homogeneous Catalysis of Transition Metals with Nanoparticles
Shayan Khan
Department of Chemistry, McGill University, 801 Sherbrooke Street West, H3A2K6
Received December 4th, 2015; E-mail [email protected]

Abstract – Nanotechnology is a technology, science, and engineering that is conducted by creating and modifying the properties of particles in the range of 1-100 nm. The field has explored the traditional fronts of chemistry and brought them forward to completely new horizons. Homogeneous catalysis is another domain of conventional chemistry that has been explored using transition metal nanoparticles (NPs). Usage of nanoparticles in the domain of green chemistry is an area of further exploration and requires an understanding of efficiency, sustainability, stability and recyclability. Development of conventional processes involving hydrogenation/dehydrogenation, hydrosilation oxidation, homogenous and heterogeneous cross-coupling reactions using nanoparticles catalysts would provide a new pathway for these reactions and greener technological advancements. Besides these core factors in nanocatalysis, it is vital to have environmentally benign and sustainable solvents and stabilizers as well. This paper will address the incorporation of different transition metals in homogeneous catalysis domain on nanotechnology fronts. Furthermore, the properties of transition metal nanoparticles are also observed for developing a h…

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