Innovative Technology in Healthcare

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Innovative Technology in Healthcare

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Innovative Technology in Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence
Bhardwaj, Gunjan. How AI Is Transforming The Future of Healthcare, The Forbes. (Jan 30, 2018). Retrieved from
The article gives a tentative approach in understanding the innovative path technology has taken towards transforming the healthcare sector by the use of Artificial intelligence. The author addresses the revolution of medical information and data over the past fifty years and the new improvement AI has initiated towards improving medical care. The digital revolution has brought a new level in addressing the use of cognitive task in different health care sectors. The article captures the value of AI in helping revolutionize the process of decision making in healthcare which has facilitated the way medical professionals approach issues and manage health-related complication. Nonetheless, as AI continues to advance a new facet of medical operation and service is being integrated into health institution. This is a broader step towards health care that incorporates the advancement of computation, statistical analysis and decision making to improve medical services.
Medical robots are a recurring theme in the health community today. This is due to the advancement of artificial intelligence being introduced in the healthcare sector. Consequently, the presence of AI has shaped the proce…

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