Innovation and Change at work

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Innovation and Change at work

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According to Suliman (2017), there is nothing that is more certain than change. As much as change is a reflection of the 21 Century, the world has been changing for many years. What is changing is the way in which business organizations are being managed. Over the past years, organizations have been putting more focus on the emotions and the emotional intelligence of its employees and how it helps to improve their performance. However, organizations are now putting more focus on conflicts and how it influences employee behavior and work outcome. This is because the current work environments are rich with conflict seeds more than it has ever been. Conflicts in modern day organizations are made possible by the sophisticated methods which are used in the development of departments, structures and the arrangement of jobs.
Having considered that conflict is an inevitable outcome in the daily operations of a business, innovation must be used or rather applied as an ingredient for survival in the 21st-century global markets. Any organization that ought to survive in such environments must learn how to create and innovate. This is backed by the fact that, currently, it is not sufficient for an employee to carry out their essential job functions only. Instead, they are expected to take the initiative of engaging themselves in behaviors that will help the organization to realize and actualize its goals.

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