Inmate Communications (141)

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Inmate Communications (141)

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Inmate Communication
Inmate Communication
Given the significant population of prisoners in the American prisons and jails, it is common to find detainees who have English as their second language and a considerable number who cannot utter, read or write a word in English. Prisoners with difficulties or completely unable to communicate in English have the same right as the rest to free speech, and they must talk in one way or the other with their families, friends and read foreign publications (Palmer, 2014). In this case, the English-Only rule needs to be amended so that the rest of the prisoners can be entitled to all the prisoner’s rights restricted by the inability to communicating in English.
A move to amend the English-only rule can be achieved by increasing the number of languages allowed in the prisoners from one to ten languages. According to Carter (2015), there are ten languages in the world that at least anyone from anywhere in the world can speak. The ten words include Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, and German. It is easy and possible for the government to find translators from the public who can translate the languages back to English for the rest of the inmate staff to understand and censor the messages being passed to and from the inmates. The work of the translator will be to state if the messages threaten the rehabilitation of the inmate and the security of the rest of the staff and inmate in t…

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