Inline Skating

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Inline Skating

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Inline skates are a type of roller skates specifically used for inline skating. It is not like the quad skate, which consist of two wheels both front and rear. Inline skate consists of two to five wheels that aligned in a single line. Inline skating could also be regarded as roller balding’ because of the popular brand online skate, is a type of sport that is practiced globally. From a number of findings, it is believed that roller skating was born out of individuals who ice skate during the summer months, at this time the ice was not covering the surface for a smooth skating.
The history of inline skating is traced in back days of 1849 when Louis Lagrange invented a prop for an opera purposes. The concept went dormant until John Joseph Merlin came out to be the first known inventor of a roller skate. He was a famous in making musical instruments and inventions of technical applications. In the line of his invention, he invented a pair of skates that was modified on a small metallic wheels. Through its revolution the roller skates sped, efficiency and stability was a major concern about its performance. Until 1960s that a Chicago company started developing a skate that resembles the current one. Different types of skates are offered in different ways with its own purpose. The common type of skates, you will come across is; roller hockey, fitness, recreational and aggressive. The modification of the inline skating depended on the use or t…

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