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Infrastructure Design Document

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Infrastructure Design Document
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Infrastructure Design Document
The process of network design and planning is essential and should always be done prior to any new network. The main reason why network planning is required is because of the requirements that are usually needed by the new system. The overall process of network planning involves forecasts of how the new network will be operational, the technical part of the network and the costs that concern the whole process. There are two important designs that are usually considered when designing of the new network is done. The logical and physical designs are often required for a complete process to build.
Presentation of the designs in a visual manner is essential for purposes of providing designs that are relevant and workable. Logical designs are those that have been planned and thought by a designer while the physical design is the overall application of different objects of the logical plan. The physical design is essential as it involves different configurations of the computers, various peripherals and cables. The work of the logical topology is simply to ensure information is transferred from one workstation to another. The topology clearly indicates how different devices are being connected to the users. The physical topology on the other hand is how the devices are connected with each other through the use of cables and wires. It is vital to note that physical and l…

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