Informative Essay about a Utopia

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Informative Essay about a Utopia

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Utopia refers to an imagined perfect and ideal society in which things are done for the good of everyone, and people are happy and live in harmony (ACOBB7 1). The state is regarded as an imagined condition as it is not easy to attain. In this regard, this paper seeks to explain my vision of a utopia.
To me, a perfect society would be one guided by three main aspects namely financial security, no sickness, and safety. The three elements of my world would be a perfect combination as they all aim at ensuring that everyone is happy and people live in harmony. With the three features in place, there would be no person who would be interested in other people’s properties, and therefore nobody would have a motive to harm the other.
Financial security would ensure that everyone gets whatever he or she wants. In my world, there would be no disparity in wealth and also there would be no such situation whereby while others are struggling to put food on the table, others have more than enough to eat. In other words, in my world, individuals would not struggle to meet their daily needs.
My envisioned society would have no sickness as it is one of the major causes of suffering. My world would be a happy one whereby no form of pain would be in existence. Therefore, in this particular world, all people would be healthy to be able to live long and enjoy their wealth as everyone would be financially stable.
Notably, the disparity in wealth is one of…

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