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Informative and Surprising Essay

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Informative and Surprising Essay: Labor Unions in America
In the United States of America, labor unions were formed due to the increasing torture and suppression of workers in various industrial sectors. However, the main reason for the formation of labor movements was to secure and protect the common interests of workers (Ness, 2005). Various representatives were selected for the purpose of agitating for the rights of workers and especially in matters relating to wages, overwork compensation, modification of favorable working hours as well as the improvement of their working conditions. Moreover, labor unions took the initiative of ensuring workers get health care as well as eliminating child labor.
In addition, the success of having labor movements was fueled by the efforts of some few people in the United States. They saw the importance of helping workers improve and advance as the world was turning to industrialization as well as trading activities. For instance, they would pressure the government on certain measures as well as presenting the grievances of workers (Ness, 2005). In some cases, they would lead demonstration when the government fails to honor their requests within the given time schedule. I would imagine how workers enjoyed a good time in their working environment. Moreover, they had peace and the economy was growing tremendously. Also, the relationship between workers and the employees was good as labor unions took the …

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