Informal Memo Proposal Written Assignment

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Informal Memo Proposal Written Assignment

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To Human Resources Department
Reference:School-Based Health Center

Proposal 1: Implementation of Wellness Program
For the past six months, our School-Based Health Center has attended a high number of ill students both outpatient and inpatients. As a result, a sharp trend of health care costs has been noticed within the short time. A proposal is herewith made for the implementation of a wellness program we believe could cut down costs related to health care within our health unit.
The quarterly year analysis on our SBHC records has indicated that 80% of our healthcare cost emanate from common illness such as poor nutrition, stress, overweight, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure. These costs are on education performance of students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and our institution as a whole. They lead to absenteeism, destruction, and low productivity.
Establishment of wellness program would significantly lower costs linked to school health care. Besides, our school would flourish through other various associated benefits. Institutions with enhanced wellness program have reduced the cost of operation. Health students and staffs will not only cut down absenteeism and production costs but will also result in high education outcome due to increase morale.
Whereas numerous factors influence our students’ well-being and health, the school is cited as a major contributor. Students utilize much of their time in school. Ver…

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