Influence of parenting styles

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Influence of parenting styles

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Parenting Styles
The social development of a child is often determined by the stimuli, both social and cognitive that they come into contact with during their growth. In most cases, a child is in the hands of their parents. It makes a parent more significant in the child’s life. Their impact may either be positive or negative. The article “Influence of parenting styles on the social development of children” by Mensah, Monicah Konnie, Kurachie, and Alfred, published in November 2013, is an article that attempts to discuss how a child’s social development can be affected by parenting styles.
Today, people are giving parenting styles more attention as these styles reflect how a child develops. Different societies have different parenting styles according to the societal needs. This article aimed at ascertaining dominant parenting approaches in the area of study and the impact these approaches have on a child’s development. It also hoped to offer recommendations to parenting styles.
Several steps were used during the collection and gathering of information for the research. To begin with, a descriptive survey design was used. The survey comprised of teachers and pupils from schools of Brong Ahafo in Ghana. A total of four hundred and eighty pupils, sixteen teachers were randomly selected. A questionnaire was then developed to gather data from the students. The questionnaire had two sections; section ‘…

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