Influence of Media on Food and Body Image

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Influence of Media on Food and Body Image

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DateInfluence of Media Outlets and Corporations on Food and Body Image
Today, the world is flooded with mass and print media in the form of television, newspapers, magazines, movies, music and the internet. As a result, media and corporations have a huge influence over our food choices depending on the information they avail to us. The big corporations who invest a lot in their advertising budgets have an easy time ingraining their products into our culture and transforming what we consume. Unfortunately, most advertisements usually promote highly processed foods which are full of sweeteners, fats, and salts and therefore rich in calories and have low nutrition. As a result, the rate of obesity in the United States has been on the rise.
The media is a powerful tool crucial in reinforcing cultural beliefs and values. To a great extent, it has been associated with setting the standards of physical attractiveness. The media advocates for a thin figure eight model among the females and masculinity in males, which is closely linked body dissatisfaction among many people (Saunders). Those people who do not meet the standards end up having self-esteem issues and result in eating disorders. In addition to this, corporations expected to regulate the food industry are more concerned with safeguarding their financial interest rather than protecting social health.
Consumers should be protected from harmful products that are all over the media. Programs such …

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