Infinite YA Literature

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Infinite YA Literature

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Infinite in YA Fiction
Infinite, and infinity is a significantly used resource in Young Adult literature. YA books and stories tend to drift toward the emotional development in characters. In the same way, the primary audience for YA fiction is composed of teenagers –this is not a secret, though–, and most writers aim to show characters that develop at the same pace the readers do. In most books, the feeling of infinite is shown in the climaxes, or in those parts where the plot shows a significant part of the character’s development. For instance, the literary canon –seen in movies and books– says that when the characters have reached their maximum potential, they feel a sensation of infinite as if they belonged to the world. Moreover, the only situations that truly count are those they are living. We can think of infinite in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” movie when Charlie is cruising through the tunnel in Patrick’s truck, blasting music and being careless teenagers. In that scene, as Sam goes through the truck’s window and raises her arms like a star, Charlie sees her awestruck, happy to belong finally somewhere. In that scene, he feels infinite as if nothing could tarnish that memory. Although we are aware that the movie and the book differ, and we shall address the book in due time, we considered that this image illustrates the epitome of teenage “coolness” and infinity.

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