Industry/Country Presentation Paper

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Industry/Country Presentation Paper

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Industry/Country Presentation Paper
Economy of Pakistan
Pakistan’s economic freedom score is approximated to be at 55.6 making the country be the 121st freest in the year 2015 Index. This score has greatly increased by 0.4 points as from last year that is a significant reflection of improvement in investment freedom and the country’s freedom from the corruption saga that are greatly counterbalanced by deteriorations in business activities freedom as well as in the labor sector freedom. As per the moment the Pakistan’s economy is ranked at position 25th out of the 42 nations in the Asian Pacific area, this is general below the world and regional averages. However, the country’s economic background freedom has adversely increased since 2011 by 0.5 point due to advances in investment freedom; the monetary freedoms as well as corruption free (Zaidi). In the country, the large sections of the populations live below the poverty level and survive through subsistence agriculture.
As per the current survey and research the country’s population lies at 182.6 million with a GDP of $575.0 billion after a significant growth of 3.6 percent with 2.9 percent 5-year compound annual growth as well as per capita income of $3,149. This was after the growth of the economy at 4.24 percent in a period of the 2014-2015 fiscal year while raising the per capita income to 9.25 per cent. The level of unemployment is approximated at 5.2 percent while inf…

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