Industrialization After the American Civil War

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Industrialization After the American Civil War

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Industrialization after the American Civil War
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Thesis Statement
After the American Civil War, and the final unification of the North States, and the Confederate states, the country, or more specifically the south of The United States, entered in a rapid industrialization that contributed to the growth of the economically crippled south, and bolstered the northern productive capacities. That industrialization helped shaping the economy and have generated income and revenue since the first day.
In this essay, we shall speak about urbanization and the role of industrialization after the American Civil War. In order to make the essay comprehensible, and cohesive, we shall introduce the concept of urbanization to establish a background. Urbanization can be described as a population shift from the rural areas to the urban areas. It refers to the increasing proportion of people living in the cities, opposed to those who live in the country. Also, the industrial age, a process the country was reliving after the war, influenced the people on moving from towns to city, in order to contribute with the machine work, instead of the field work. The new factories needed workers, and those workers moved to the city, leaving the city. Also, the wages they could gain, opposed to those they might not gain working the fields, boosted industrialization, and urbanization. (McGranahan & Satterthwaite, 2014)
Aspects that Influenced E…

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