Inductive / Deductive Reasoning

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Inductive / Deductive Reasoning

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Does Cancer Have a Cure?
An Australian engineer, Michael Higgins, diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001 and later died in 2004 from the same illness. Higgins shares his experiences, beliefs and realities on the war on cancer. As a cancer patient, he had visited several hospitals and diagnosed by various medical attendants who according to him were passionate about their research as the menace has affected them in one way or the other. War on cancer is a big conspiracy and fraud by the veterans.
One of the leading cartels in conspiracy the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) burned through a large number of dollars to stop an option malignancy treatment which had cured hundreds, if not thousands, of growth patients. The conspiracy marked a major hindrance in invention and use of the cancer treatment. Cancer diagnoses are a multi-billion industry developing each day and attracting many governments and private investors. Getting treatment for cancer appears tragic to the medical technicians who will have to retrain for losing their jobs. Heavy machinery invented for cancer diagnosis and treatment will be useless and the manufacturers of these machines too who are filthy rich. These physicians and companies can do anything to retain the cure unknown so they can continue exploiting the hopeful patient without an idea of the happenings.
Private investors in the pharmaceutical focus mostly on the most profitable investments…

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