Individuality and career

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Individuality and career

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Individuality and Career Choices
Individuality and Career Choices
An individual’s personality, in most cases, affects how the individual work. A person’s success in the career path they select, therefore, highly depends on their personal attributes. Career choice should, therefore, blend or conform to a person’s personal characteristics. This paper discusses a few careers that a person can choose and successfully execute based on their personal characteristics. It also provides a correlation between each career that was selected and the prior discussion on temperament, brain dominance, and style. Aside from that, the paper also briefly highlights other aspects of the mentioned jobs like training and financial benefits.
After reading deep into one’s personality with the help of friends and relatives, one could consider choosing careers such as nursing, funeral service and truck driving. To become a good mortician, one first needs to have academic discipline and intelligence (Jurgensen 10). Jurgensen (12) argues that “excellent interpersonal skills are another essential attribute required to succeed in the funeral service industry.” A funeral attendant should be calm emotionally despite the emotional mayhem that he job entails (Jurgensen 13). While sympathy is important, a crucial balance has to be struck between authority and sensitivity for one to be successful in this career (Jurgensen 13). Strength and business insightfulness are …

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