Individual: SOHO Network Security Requirements

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Individual: SOHO Network Security Requirements

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Individual: SOHO Network Security
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Individual: SOHO Network Security
The primary security requirements should focus on the hybrid network and its components including the external hard drive for backups (Grossman, 2015). Since the hardware and network specifications depict that the organization focuses on the conveyance of information between different points; they should begin by establishing a perimeter network (DMZ) between the organization’s data center and Azure (Microsoft, 2016). The approach will ensure consistent security with the Azure virtual network (VNet) acting as the foundation. As indicated in the figure below, the DMZ will include Network Virtual Appliance (NVAs) that will instigate the functionality of the implemented security techniques, mostly through firewalls and protocols such as packet inspection (Microsoft, 2016). However, the effective execution of the network perimeter will require all the information to channel, forcefully, through the internet, which will be a key component of the network established in the organization.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Reference Architecture for the Security Requirements of the Hybrid Network. Retrieved from
Key components of the architecture will include:
On-premises network (private local-area network)
Azure Virtual Network (VNet)
Network Virtual Appliance
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