individual right and collective right

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individual right and collective right

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Individual right versus collective right

Individual Right versus Collective Right
The movie “Justice” Star Trek, reveals a significant conflict between the individual right and the collective right or the right of the society. In the film, the human being is driven by selfishness and desire to achieve his or her desire regardless the cost of his or her action. As a result of these selfish actions, the society tends to bear a lot of loss. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate the social effect of an act of an individual in the determination of the rationale of an individual’s action. The episode depicts individual’s right to procreate by allowing a selected group to decide on the quality or traits that need to survive and which others are undesirable to reproduce. This is an infringement of the individual right since every human is very free to procreate (Lee, 2018). On the other hand, the scientist was concerned with adequate survival of humankind with the discovery of the limited space for their survival in this case, it was necessary to ensure that only the ones with better traits will be present to deal with the threats of the threats of Troi, and Geordi it was hence essential to carry out selective reproduction.
The territorial and self-determination are collective rights of indigenous people according to Lam since it gives them the peace of mind of survival without interference from the outside threat…

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