Individual Project International Management

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Individual Project International Management

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Blockchain Technology in the Business World
Business is one of the most dynamic areas in the world. Several inventions and interventions are some of the significant things that happen on the day to day service in the business environment. The management personnel is always looking for such new inventions and developments in their quest to remain relevant in the business sector. The invention of new technologies in business operations guarantees survival in the competitive market. Multiple advancements in the business environment have been developed in the recent past.blockchain is one of the emerging technology that has improved efficiency in many organizations (Atwood, Mark, and Yonis 20).
The technology is employed to write entries into a record. Many users can control the information from the record with the aim of finding out how it is updated or amended. The technology can also be used in sharing information without being copied. The blockchain is run on a distributed network, and it makes it clear and a unique. Another feature that distinguishes blockchain is the availability of different digital backbone. Nowadays, virtually almost anything can depend on blockchain technology ranging from the procurements, legal management and even international money transfers with ease and efficiencies. The main idea underlying the application and the usability of the blockchain technology solely lies in …

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