Individual Performance

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Individual Performance

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Individual Assessment Using the Diagnostic Performance Model
Human resource managers and performance improvement professions concur that performance within the organization is a critical aspect of any business and thus to enhance the performance of employees, the professionals employ the performance diagnosis model. By following a series of steps, the model can be employed in Joe Chaney case to identify plausible problems. To accurately determine Joe’s performance challenges, several questions need to be formulated. Firstly, what are his performance expectations in the field? Secondly, what is the most significant thing that you have done recently that makes you proud? Thirdly, in what ways have you made progress in the organization? Fourthly, if you were in charge of the organization, what aspects would you change or do differently? From the model, Joe’s performance problems are mainly attached to his expectations and incentives. He feels that the architects are neglecting and undervaluing him as he does not have a degree in the same field. He states that “No one around respects my opinion.” Furthermore, he has to strain to carter for his family’s need as well as attend evening classes. The miscommunication between Joe, the manager, and the architects, as well as the lack of incentives, thus become the primary reasons why Joe is not motivated.Joe’s performance problems can be correlated to the self-esteem needs developed by Maslow which…

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