Indigenous religions

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Indigenous religions

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Indigenous religions
Concerning the Indigenous religions, the article “Indigenous religions face persecution in Asia and around the world” states that spirituality plays a significant role. However, their exceptional spirituality is regularly misunderstood by strangers and could lead to their social persecution. Indigenous religions happen to be overlooked, overlapped, interwoven and discriminated against larger traditions (First Peoples Worldwide n.p). For the Indigenous religions, the ocean and land are sacred. Yet, they are forced out of their oceans and lands for development that doesn’t benefit them.
My thoughts concerning the Indigenous communities encountering political marginalization is that the practice is unfair and outdated in the modern world. Marginalization could be comprehended as persistent adversity and inequality resulting from social stigma, discrimination, and stereotypes. Whereas associates of marginalized people share joint challenges to their capability to partake political processes, there’re also disparities in socio-economic status, age, geography or gender that could influence them in diverse ways. Associates of a marginalized population can face “triple” or “double” exclusion due to their age, gender or any other characteristics. As explained in the article, Indigenous communities encounter political marginalization, lack of land rights, discrimination, and eviction among others (First Peoples W…

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