Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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Indigenous Peoples in Canada
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Dr. Lynn Lavallee is currently the vice-provost of indigenous engagements in the University of Manitoba. She helped initiate the Ryerson’s Aboriginal Education Council and later was appointed the chair of the Aboriginal Council. She is an expert in the indigenous research. Jennifer Poole, on the other hand, is an associate professor and the graduate program director of the School of Social work at Ryerson’s school. Her research areas revolve around the racialized refugees and immigrant women, integration of anti-black movement and sanism, and mental health. The two researches on the social wellbeing of the aboriginal people in Canada include areas of their colonization, healing, and health. The stance of the author is that for there to be complete healing; the aboriginal people must not be separated with their cultures. Further, there require too many socio-political changes for them to feel associated. It also calls for incorporation of community education to their culture to gradually diffuse the irate cultures.
Aboriginal or indigenous people refer to the first or original inhabitants of the land now regarded as Canada. In their research, Lavallee and Poole (2009) assess how people respond to the mental health recovery when the indigenous experience is adopted as a means of healing and how the health of the aboriginal people in Canada can be discussed without coining in the subjects of colonizat…

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