Indicators of Suicide

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Indicators of Suicide

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Indicators of Suicide
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Indicators of Suicide
While there is no single cause of suicide, the Parker family case study presents several pointers. Depression, especially when untreated has a significant influence on self-destruction. Both Sara and Stephanie have been hospitalized for suicidal symptoms. Depression is a mood disorder, which affects people’s emotions, reasoning, and handling of daily activities adversely (Jahn, Cukrowicz, Mitchell, & Poindexter, 2015). Bipolar disorder is also another critical indicator of suicide in this case study. Patients with this conditions are usually at high risk of self-destruction when they fail to access treatment. Also, Sara presents signs of anxiety, which is a leading cause of suicide in the contemporary world.
In the case of depression, it is appropriate to encourage the disheartened person to seek help. It is vital to note that depression saps both motivation and energy. Therefore, it may be tough to get a depressed person into treatment. Encouraging the patients to admit to the problem and helping them recognize the need for recovery is essential. Bipolar disorder often involves depressive episodes that may be reckless, explosive, irresponsible, and outrageous (Jahn et al., 2015). Since this condition can be effectively stabilized with proper medication and treatment, helping patients to access the necessary support and motivation is essential. Finally, social workers can mi…

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