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Indian’s and European Relations 1607-1763Indians were the native occupants of the American soil. The year 1607 was the year Europeans began to settle on the American soil. The Europeans voyage got pinned in their Christian belief of spreading the gospel as well as seeking fortune. Though hostile, they became friendly to the Europeans in trade and allowed them to settle. Formation of the Virginia territory resulted from the settlers of Jamestown, who named the area in honor of the virgin queen of England. The Settlers who were sent by the Virginia Company settled on an island called Jamestown and did the naming of Virginia. Following the settlement of Jamestown, the British realized there were a lot of lands to cultivate yet there were no servants to help cultivate the earth. Their numbers reduced following the deaths during the war of resistance from the natives. There was a need for cheap labor leading to the system of indentured servitude. Skilled and unskilled workers from Europe, rendered jobless by the war in Europe went to seek jobs in America in exchange for their passage. 1619 was the year African servants were introduced on the coast of Chesapeake, and were more expensive than the indentured servants were.
Encroachment of the land by the Europeans led to the Indians resistance resulting to several uprising in Virginia. Most of the uprising ended in more invasion of the earth arising from the defe…

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