Income Inequality and Gender Bias

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Income Inequality and Gender Bias

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Income Inequality and Gender Bias
The topic proposed for this particular research focuses on how the existing issues of gender bias in the community actually identify with the emerging problem over income equality. For instance, it has been claimed by several female individuals in the corporal world in the USA that their qualifications may be in par with their male counterparts, the comparison often boils down to whether who the company trusts the most; also the long lineage of individuals who proved worthy of particular positions in the organization. Considerably, it could be understood that distinct association to traditional rules often affects the consistency of gender treatment that individuals receive from their superiors. Most often than not females become highly conforming to the way they are treated at work by their colleagues; at times even accepting the point of inequality just because they want to retain their positions in the companies they work for. As a result, they then accept or settle in receiving a lesser amount of payment [so long as they could be able to embrace that point of success they consider to be most important in their careers].

With the use of textbooks and journals, it could be understood how much gender disparity in the workplace affects the overall income scheduling between men and women. Among the materials to be used includes the journal of Bojarska (2012) which intends to discuss on how gender disparities are becoming a core source of upse…

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