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Block Quotation.
In the midst of all the confusion, the boy started running away from the plantation house with a lot of chaotic thoughts running through his mind:
So he ran on down the drive, blood and breath roaring; presently he was in the road again though he could not see it. He could not hear either: the galloping mare was almost upon him before he heard her, and even then he held his course, as if the urgency of his wild grief and need must in a moment more find him wings, waiting until the ultimate instant to hurl himself aside and into the weed-choked roadside ditch as the horse thundered past and on, for an instant in furious silhouette against the stars, the tranquil early summer night sky which, even before the shape of the horse and rider vanished, strained abruptly and violently upward: a long, swirling roar incredible and soundless, blotting the stars, and he springing up and into the road again, running again. (Faulkner 11).
Integrated Quotation (within a paragraph)
The boy started running away from the new plantation house, and there was a lot of confusion. The author vividly describes the chaotic thoughts running through Sartoris’ mind as he escapes, “and he thought for an instant of cutting across the park and climbing the fence into the road, but he did not know the park nor how high 11 the vine-massed fence might be, and he dared not risk it” (Faulkner 11). Nothing could st…

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