Improving the Average Americans Diet

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Improving the Average Americans Diet

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Kyle Goff
Katherine Brewer
English 1102
November 6, 2015
Improving the Average American Lifestyle
The major problem with the American way of eating is that it is flawed and inconsiderate. With the advent of media, technology, and faster forms of transport and communication, our lives may have become easier, but these developments have also been the cause for our eating habits descending into chaos. By depending on the easy way to the things, Americans have become lazier. This extends to cooking food and ultimately leads to eating dinner out, preferably from a food chain line, on most nights. The result is what kills more Americans than diabetes and cancer: obesity. Obesity does not only affect the body’s shape and metaphysical processes but also has a toll on a person’s mental health and emotions. There is, however, no way to escape this problem, except for eating healthier. There are, of course, limitations to when it comes to persuading an entire country to eat healthier, but sure-shot solutions can be achieved through an integrated approach—one that combines the right amount of facts, and the proper types of solutions.

The US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services list in their report, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, dismal figures, and the vision of an unhealthy future. The report reveals that 72% percent of men and 64% of women in the country are victims of obesity. Of these, 37% have cardiovascular diseases, 34% have hypertension or high…

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