important teamwork competencies.

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important teamwork competencies.

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Important Teamwork Competencies

Important Teamwork Competencies
Teamwork is a crucial aspect in accomplishing any given task within an organization. However, several competencies making it more effective when trying to reach a resolution. The first one is communication skills. It is by far the most important competency, not only in achieving a resolution but also in ensuring a smooth running of work in an organization (Nadal et al., 2015). For a team to have maximum cooperation from its members, the leaders or any other member trying to share their thoughts should know how to put forward their information without upsetting anyone. That way, there will be no misunderstanding and, therefore, the chances of achieving a resolution will be high.
Another very important aspect, in this case, is conflict resolution abilities. Without the required skills to solve a given dilemma, it will be difficult to convince anyone that a resolution can be reached (Nadal et al., 2015). Therefore, every member of the team, or at least the leaders, should have the ability to resolve a conflict to come up with the required answers. Collaborative problem-solving is another essential competency for any team to reach an agreement. Everyone should be willing to share their ideas while respecting the opinions of other members. The coordinators should also be able to weigh all the options and help the whole team in coming up with the most effective solution. Finally, planning pla…

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