importance of voting

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importance of voting

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Importance of Voting
Voting is a fundamental right for every citizen living in a democratic country that enables them to participate in choosing better leaders. It is through elections that citizens decide the best leaders represent in local, state and national representative (Emerson n.p). In many countries particularly in the USA, some people fail to participate in election thinking their vote will not make a change which is wrong since the political foundation of a country is built by elections. Today, some countries as North Korea are under Totalitarian dictators’ president Kim Jong-un have no voting right since all decisions are made for the citizenry ex officio. The stringent laws infringe the citizen’s right to enjoy the most aspects of their lives.
Citizens in every democratic nation should cast a ballot to ameliorate government system in future. In America, every person above eighteen years has the privilege and duty to participate in governance through voting. Through voting, a balance of power is maintained between the governance and the people since the leaders are answerable to the citizens. Also, voting is a way of investing in a better future through drafting and implementing policies centered on creating a better nation (Emerson n.p). Policies are made and enforced by the elected leaders, hence the need to vote and elect good leaders who will bring development and fight against additional taxes. Due …

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