Implementing Change Despite Resistance

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Implementing Change Despite Resistance

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Implementing Change Despite Resistance
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Implementing Change Despite Resistance
Implementing change in a healthcare setting is harder than it is in any other profession since medical practitioners view themselves as both vocational and professional experts who can chart their progress at work without many directions. According to Brickman, J. (2016), such employees are usually resistant to strategic administrative focus since they are suspicious of such plans. Therefore, in my project, I expect to get resistance in the following ways:
The Hospital administration may be unwilling to offer its staff time to attend the one-year course. Only a few may be allowed.
The staff members may be unwilling or unable to pay for the in-service course
Assigning roles may be difficult since very few staff members may want to be part of the change initiative.
Any of the challenges mentioned above can jeopardize the mission to accomplish the suggested action plan. Therefore, it calls upon the implementer to be creative and ensure that nothing stands between implementing the action plan and achieving the overall objective. For that reason, I will solve each of the challenges in the following manner:
I will communicate to the hospital administration the importance of the proposed changes and how it will help the hospital achieve its long-term vision. Besides, I will ensure that the hospital administration owns the project so that they fully propose i…

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