Implementing Change Despite Resistance

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Implementing Change Despite Resistance

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Implementing Change despite Resistance
Some of the concepts that healthcare centers deal with mostly are organizational changes, the resistance to change and proper management of change at workplaces. Change is essential for every organization, but each management needs to have strategies for managing the changes. Personnel in the work environment mostly resist change because of the impact that the said changes might have on them. In every organization, staffs become comfortable in their areas of expertise as well as their relationships with workmates and managers. Others worry when large-scale changes are proposed because of the possible change of responsibilities, the requirement of new skills or possible alteration in the line of communication. In almost every organization, the leaders are responsible for formulating and implementing change. Therefore, they must inform the staff to learn how to handle the challenges accompanying modifications.
First, the manager should involve key personnel from the staff in implementing change (Scott 112). Key personnel can include the lower-level managers who usually have direct interaction with the staff in their departments. Secondly, together with the key personnel, the manager should develop a plan that ensures smooth and efficient transformation. The step will help in defining responsibilities for the staff and defining short and long-term objectives of the organization. Thirdly, du…

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