Impact of Scholarships

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Impact of Scholarships

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Impact of Scholarships on Nursing
Completing a nursing course is an expensive endeavor if you come from a humble background. Scholarships provide the necessary financial assistance to facilitate completion of studies. An award will have a significant impact on the academic life and career ambitions of a nursing student. This paper examines the effect on the nursing student, patient and the direction of the nursing profession.
First and foremost, scholarships enable students to have sufficient time to concentrate on their nursing studies by removing the threat of not completing studies due to financing issues. Reduces the number of loans one can acquire to complete education which reduces the amount of debt in the life of a student (Aitken & Skuja, 20). A student will thus obtain the best possible grades which facilitate internship at reputable medical institutions. Getting a nursing scholarship based on merit enables one to be an attractive candidate to employers. This is because scholarships show that one has a unique ability in the nursing field which positively impacts your career aspirations.
The knowledge that nursing students obtain courtesy of scholarships positively impacts patients and the entire profession of nursing. Scholarships enable financially challenged nursing students with exceptional ability and talent to complete their course. The nursing profession is thus able to acquire talented and dedicated individu…

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