Immigration reform

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Immigration reform

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Immigration Reform
Developed nations such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia among others will always attract immigrants who are who are searching for better lives. The major problem has been the point that many of the immigrants normally don’t follow the proper channels of immigration. The US has always had the problem of illegal immigration as immigrants get into the country through the border, more so between Mexico and the US. Most of them enter legally but decides to overstay their visas. The immigration issue had always been a contentious issue where Republicans and Democrats never agree on the matter. Currently, more than 11 million immigrants already live in the US illegally after illegally crossing the border or overstaying even after their visas had been expired. On January 9th, 2018, President Trump had a public meeting with various lawmakers where he intended to enact a bipartisan immigration reform that he termed as “the bill of love” (Mark N.p).
The bill is to secure the border and resolve the fate of young illegal immigrants whose “temporary protection” from deportation is soon expiring. They were shielded temporarily from deportation under the “Obama-era DACA program,” which President Trump intends to terminate starting from March 5th. Such immigration reform would help end the diversity of visa lottery programs that selects randomly about 50,000 immigration applicants every year from nations with low rates o…

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