Immigration policies

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Immigration policies

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Immigration policies are often set by nations for purposes of taking care of people who travel to a country for the main intention of staying and working in the host country. Such policies are put in place to eliminate or allow immigration processes. They are known to affect different aspects of life and society as they can become helpful or disastrous to both the immigrant and the nation in question. It is vital to note that immigrants form and play central roles to the nations they end up working and staying as refugees or asylum seekers. Regardless of their status, most of the immigrants have increased the levels of economic growth of most nations. Unfortunately, issues relating to terrorism and other vices have made most nations to impose different polices that safeguard their overall wellbeing. There are millions of undocumented immigrants who live in various nations. Most immigrants leave there native homes for a better life. Such movements have necessitated many nations to provide stringent rules inform of policies to control the influx of people into their territories. Through immigration reforms, nations have made their policies to either be restrictive or open to immigrants. Australia and Albania are nations that have imposed different immigrant policies to safeguard the movement of people across their borders.

Australia and Albania are nations that have had to deal with immigration issues in different ways. In Australia for example, there hav…

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