Immigration or Immigration Reform

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Immigration or Immigration Reform

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Immigration and Immigration Reform
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Immigration and Immigration Reform.
Immigration reform is a term referring to changes on rules and regulations targeted at controlling immigration and immigrants (Bush, & Bolick, 2013). The activity has several advantages such as it helps in collection and comparison of the population data, results in improved national security; it brings in professionals among many others (Goldin, Cameron, & Balarajan, 2012). However, better immigration rules bring increased immigrants bringing disadvantages such as unemployment among the citizens; the government bears more expenses and instances of increased security threats. Countries should put forward strict immigration rules and regulations (Alden et al, 2009). Examples of such regulations include every immigrant should have a concrete and reasonable reason for immigrating and also possess quality skills that might be of importance to the country. Skilled immigrants will manage to work for themselves and to make a living hence stop relying on the government for upkeep and other crucial requirements. There is a controversial bill in the US aiming at making the living situation worse for the immigrants that rely on the government (“Seattle Channel” 2018). Passing such a motion in the parliament and building it into law will have different effects both on the country and immigrants themselves. First, it will make those that are dependent on the go…

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