Illusion or unreality

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Illusion or unreality

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The Glass Menagerie
The illusion only refers to the act of perceiving wrongly or interpreting wrongly what needs not be as it has been interpreted. Amanda, Tom, and Laura have been considered the particular show of unreality in this story. They have all faced situations that would most likely be misinterpreted or imagined to be in another manner yet the fact is the absolute opposite of what is taking place as such. The society has assumed some things that are thought to be the reality yet they are simply not true. Even the same characters have simply had frequent dreams about their lives. They keep on thinking that things would turn out better but then, in the long run, it does not end as they would wish it to be (Williams et al, Pp. 34-56).
Amanda is simply having an illusion regarding the daughter attracting some gentleman callers in the neighborhood. This is simply an illusion that the mother is having because even the daughter had never had any caller from their apartments. This seems to be so unrealistic that Amanda imagines that if the daughter dresses so well to look pretty she will be able to attract when she has never attracted any callers ever since even from their apartments. The illusion here is that if she is incapable of drawing the neighborhood then how is it expected that she will be able to do the same in a short period by only trying to please other people. For a fact, even Laura from her side is not interested, and …

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