illusion of the american dream

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illusion of the american dream

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Illusion of the American Dream
Into the Wild (1996) authored by John Krakauer is a critically acclaimed literary work that has elicited multiple interpretations from different circles. The novel chronologically documents the life of Christopher Johnson McCandless from the time of his graduation from Emory University in Georgia, up to the time his remains are found in Alaskan Wilderness. The non-fiction work reconstructs McCandless experiences, relating them to real life issues facing member of society. Central themes in John Krakauer’s Into the Wild is that American boys and young adults struggle with issues of materialism, idealism, innocence, ignorance, arrogance, and misplaced sense of self as they struggle to understand the civilization they live in while seeking escape into the wild. Upon gaining independence and a self of self, they realize that the American dream they have been chasing throughout their life is just but, an illusion.
American Materialism and Idealism
From the outset, it is evident that Chris McCandless is seeking to and finally reinvents himself into a different character Alexander Supertramp. McCandless believes that a transcendental experience is only possible by rejecting all the worldly material objects. He, therefore, donates all the money in his college fund, the sum of $24,000, to OXFAM hence renouncing his privileged background (Krakauer 16). To further realize his quest for what he c…

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