Illiteracy in your community

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Illiteracy in your community

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Illiteracy in Norfolk, Virginia Community
The learning process is a very complex system, and it develops quickly that it is often difficult to give the most efficient instruction at every stage of the learning process (Freire 46). Illiteracy affects people as it prevents people from accomplishing a task that can take different forms. Illiteracy, much like a number of various concerns, is an issue of widespread community problem and needs extensive support within the community to be eradicated totally. Moreover, illiteracy can affect an individual in almost every aspect of the person’s daily life. Therefore, with a little amount of creativity, illiteracy eradication efforts with the community can be promoted and publicized in several ways. All the present illiteracy eradication activities can have a promotional part that allows one to apply all the imagination in creating a unique and authentic promotional program and material that may capture a fresh audience. Before commencing the community promotional efforts, it is vital that the reasons for the promotion as well as the resources are properly articulated.
Norfolk community will present a different promotional need compared to other community areas. Norfolk, Virginia has a population of 246 392 and sits on a 54 square miles area, and a home to a cosmopolitan mix of people from every ethnicity (City-data nd). Almost twenty percent of pe…

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