if you wish to bring change to people in USA what it will be

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if you wish to bring change to people in USA what it will be

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How to Bring Change to People in the United States
I strongly consider that the best way to bring change to a country is through education. Education is the mother of all changes. Educated citizens are more prepared to contribute to the country in more ways than uneducated denizens would. However, education in the United States can be a controversial subject, and most governments and media fail to address them accordingly.
With these words, I do not mean to diminish the importance of government regarding education. Instead, I aim to show a balanced account of the things government has done, and my suggestions for a change that starts with education.
It is known that the American school system provides every child and teenager the right to undergraduate and graduate schools. Sadly, many teenagers that finish high school, never get tertiary education. This and the complicated nature of college admission exams discourages many prospective students from entering a college or university. Also, as schools become more challenging, young Americans learn more in high school than their parents did during their university years, making college education something desired but not necessarily needed. This paradigm has shunned way skilled trades as people see them as something of the “lower classes.”
Nevertheless, with the current unemployment rates, entering the workforce without a degree can severely hinder people’s chances of getting a job that allows them to maintain an a…

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