If We Must Die by Claude McKay

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If We Must Die by Claude McKay

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If We Must Die by Claude McKay
McKay is among the most celebrated poets of the Renaissance period. He composes the sonnet “If We Must Die” as a literary objection against the denial of the white man to provide the black men with fundamental human privileges that the white men are eligible to. McKay composes the sonnet in 1919 when the liberal social reforms were not initiated and a period when officials of the public endorsed the scandalous slogan of the “separate but equal” that justified the apartheid of the public amenities. In lieu of continuing to indolently stand by as the white subjected the black community to segregation, by spreading the “white man’s country” notion across the country, McKay emboldens the black community in the Harlem Renaissance to emblematize their rights that were God-given and champion for their equality. Mostly, the black community was idle as Woodrow and Theodore Roosevelt fought against the corruption that encumbered the metropolitan community. McKay aimed at starting a revolution to forge the initial “social progressive era”.
The author begins the poem by declaring that he rejects to be exterminated by white angry racist individuals for no purpose at all. He says “If we must die, let it not be like hogs/ Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, / While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs, / Making their mock at our accursed lot” (1-4). In this line, he makes references to the att…

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