If cell phones can be a useful tool in school

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If cell phones can be a useful tool in school

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If Cell Phone can become a useful Tool in Schools
A school is a place where learning takes the top priority. Therefore learners should be given all the possible resources so as to enable them better themselves fully. Cell phones are powerful tools with computer abilities. They can extend the learning beyond the classrooms. However, they are deemed to be objects with a lot of harm to the students. The school system can integrate mobile phones into classrooms as a source of resource to access information.
The use of cell phones in classrooms can help access quick information like google searching on particular things. For instance, English course learners accessing online dictionaries and also double checking the meanings, using words and phrases to eliminate confusion. Audios and videos have been part of the software in a phone bring learning to real experiences like recording the flipped teachings. Teachers, on the other hand, get learners their instant responses, collaborate and share with them the knowledge enabling shy students to participate in the classroom. It also enables learners to access maps, during routes for school field trips through internet quickly. Educational applications in all subjects encourage game-like learning where learners can get key points and master them easily thus encouraging social learning. There are applications that in a way help learners access challen…

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