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Identity Change
The identity of an individual or object can be characterized in many aspects like body, character or personality (Trepte,N.p). Therefore, an individual’s identity does change due to physical and mental developments. Everything in life undergoes changes, and it’s simply a way to improve quality or become something different from what one is used to.
Theseus Ship Experiment
When the ship was constructed originally and given Theseus as its name, it meant that even in its demise it will still be remembered as so. With an example from The Titanic, even though it sunk in the ocean and has no physical form anymore, it is still remembered by the name originally assigned. Therefore, in the same case with Theseus ship, there is no amount of time that will make the ship lose its identity regardless on damage or reconstruction done on it unless they are so crucial that people change their perspective on it. Historical buildings are usually named after certain people like presidents or other dignitaries, after these individuals death, such establishments retain their identity. Hence, even with Theseus demise, the ship continues to be named after him regardless of the purpose it serves.
Human Identity
In this life, every individual is born with just one identity. Even though people grow old, their existence can never be replaced by another. However, some people may change their way of doing things or physica…

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