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Identity Revision

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Identity is defined as the fact of being what or who a thing or a person is. They are the personality, beliefs, qualities and even expression that make a group or a person. In the poem “In the Golden Sala.” the author believes that the mother is the most important person in his life. He identifies himself with the mother who is very caring and hardworking not only to the family but also to other women out there. The identity in this poem is that the mother is portrayed as strong women. She can be seen taking care of chickens and donkeys and making sure that the beds are ready for the children to sleep (Gilbert, 173)
In the second poem “To Sacco and Vanzetti” the identity is of a person who is ready for a radical change. The author is bitter that despite people having pleasant dreams, they did not make them into reality. He identifies himself with a change in the society. The people know what they wanted in life, but they keep quiet allowing their enemies to dominate them. The main character has the central identity leadership. From the poem, it is evident that he has leadership skills as we see that he is challenging the people not to sit down but stand for what they believe is right.
“Conscience” by Natalia Ginzburg talks about friends who are separating from each other. In the poem, the identity is portrayed…

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