Identity and childhood education as a woman

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Identity and childhood education as a woman

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Identity and Childhood Education
It is evident, with reference to the books we have covered this semester that the identities of the female characters therein have been determined by their mothers and their racial identity crises (Rishoi 38). Being a Japanese woman, I understand that the education system of Japan was modified after WW2. Although the system allowed students to have their opinions on politics and society, the Japanese people themselves did not change. There is a Japanese proverb originated from the Japanese Emperor Military system of education which dictated that the Japanese were required to obey strictly whatever it was that the Emperor told them to do. That implied that the students were not entitled to their views but were tied to their teacher. Anyone that stood up with a contrary opinion from what the teacher thought was right was in deep trouble. Having been part of this education system, I was shocked to find out that in the United States students are free to express their various opinions comprehensively. From this experience, apart from the identity of being Japanese, I realize that there is a close relationship between identity and childhood education (Brenner 23).
Having read novels like Wide Sargasso Sea, we get to know that every culture creates their systems of education (Chojnacka 30). In this book, Antoinette’s mother has a mental ailment, and the daughter gets into an identity crisis, not knowing whet…

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