Ida Jean Orlando Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

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Ida Jean Orlando Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

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Deliberative Nursing Theory Process
Name Institution Affiliation Over the years, nursing practices have evolved and have become complicated as a result of the nature of their practice. Moreover, advancement in current nature of patient acuity calls for constant progression and changes associated with the nursing practice. Nursing theories are not old. They began conception in the mid-twentieth century. Earlier on, nursing borrowed theories from other fields; sociology, physiology, physics among others. The nursing theories provide the basis which underpins the nursing knowledge and their practices. In the deliberative nursing process, Orlando tries to bridge the nurse and the patient so that a better care plan can be provided to the patient during the recovery period (Wayne, 2014). This theory takes into account the countless hindrances that may develop during the recovery period that may interfere with the normal care plan of the nurse. It makes it easy for the nurse to employ a care plan which can be conveniently assimilated by nurses and at the same time deal with the complexity that may develop. The theory stresses more on reciprocating the relationship between the patient and the nurses by emphasizing the nurse to be more involved in the patient’s welfare. The theory gives the nurses the privilege to determine their actions rather than follow the physician’s orders, past personal experience or the organization’s needs as they may generalize the patient priority and th…

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