ICF and Practice Frameworks

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ICF and Practice Frameworks

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ICF and Practice Frameworks
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ICF and Practice Frameworks
ICF Similarities Practice Frameworks
ICF refers to a framework that solely entails with information of the general population on the effects and nature of disabilities to find solutions to their problems. Both ICF and Practice Frameworks work hand in hand with the society in the aim of improving the health status of people. They are customized to organize and process information about people health. The practice frameworks are concerned with strictly the health condition of children and their welfare in relation to other factors such as their family backgrounds and other personal factors.
The ICF framework utilizes some common language, terms and set of data in communicating its information to its target group of disabled. The framework provides an approach where only people living with disabilities are aware of its functioning by incorporating statistical values in its classification of data. . In the major intentions of the frameworks, both ICF and The Practice Frameworks give both the positive and negative functioning of the models to sensitize on users to follow the procedures to achieve the core aim of the frameworks. The Practice framework uses its resources in defining the parameter and scrutinizing the measures taken by child safety. Contrary to the ICF, this model uses various agencies in communication relevant information about children’s h…

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