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Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt’s Speeches
Woodrow Wilson was the president of America during the First World War while Roosevelt took charge in 1933 (Foner 868). Both presidents were ambassadors of peace in the US. One similarity between the two speeches, given by the two presidents in 1918 and 1941 respectively, is that they were both aimed at peacemaking. However, Woodrow’s ideas were more concerned about the relationship of the nations at the borders while Roosevelt’s were about the freedoms of the citizens. Roosevelt was influenced by Woodrow as he observed and analyzed every move made by Wilson. The fact that Wilson’s attempt to unity among nations had failed, with the US backing out, Roosevelt used that as a motivation. His speech, contrary to Woodrow’s, would later be adopted by the United Nations as a reference for peace.
Some of the points that would have prevented the Second World War were the formation of an association of nations and removal of economic barriers between countries. Similar to the United Nations, that would have improved the relationship between the countries. Given that arms race was the main event during Cold War, the points put forward by Wilson would have helped in regulating the tension between nations. World War II and Cold War might, therefore, have been avoided since the Treaty of Versailles was somewhat too harsh in other countries.
Roosevelt’s four freedoms greatly influenced Eisenhower. Fre…

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