hydrology and water engineering

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hydrology and water engineering

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Examining the future changes in the amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall
The understanding of amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall relationships is key in water engineering applications. The occurrence of extreme rainfall amounts at an increasing rate in the global scale has raised concerns recently. Most of the research conducted shows that much of the increases occur particularly in the short duration rainfall which majorly lasts for about an hour or so. This mainly increases the rate occurrence of flash floods. Thus, this study aims at examining the various evidence that suggests the occurrence of short duration rainfall amounts which is majorly caused by climate change due to human or anthropogenic factors. The study also provides an understanding of the relationship between the short duration rainfall amounts and the atmospheric temperatures. The study also provides a framework of observational and modeling methodology studies that explain the processes that contribute to short duration rainfall amount characteristics. The study provides future directions to facilitate prediction the possibility of changes in short duration rainfall amounts.
Keywords: short duration rainfall amount, future changes, observational, modeling, atmospheric temperatures.
Background to the research study
The effects of increasing short duration rainfall amounts due to anthropogenic climatic change factors…

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